Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Dismal Swamp

We left Lamb's Marina on Friday morning at 8:00 to head North to Norfolk via the Dismal Swamp.  We had a great time here with a restaurant within walking distance and a courtesy car we could use any time.   We had to get to the first lock at 11:00 for the opening and were going to stay at the free dock before going into the second lock.  The free dock was a great place to spend the night with a park for Chloe to run free and enjoy.  The Dismal Swamp was an unbelievable beautiful cut to enter Norfolk.  The weather was perfect and the journey was fantastic.  This is why traveling on a boat is the only way you can experience what we have seen.  Coming into Norfolk brought many emotions because last year at this same time Jan and I flew into Norfolk to attend the rendezvous that we will now attend with our own boat.  Next time I blog I will put together some statistics.

This is where we stayed for four days

Nicest people we ever met,  They built the ramp for us to get across dock  that was underwater!
They had a courtesy car we used to go to Walmart

Only sunset we saw before we left in the morning
Average Looper, 47 Bayliner headed to the Dismal Swap

Going into the swamp

Super cool, one of our highlights

This is Annabelle captained by Tanya doing the loop by herself

Going through the Dismal Swamp

Attitude Changer in the first lock

Saw this meadow with all yellow

I guess the sign says it all
Smith Mills Lock

Sign to the Smith Mill Lock

Some of the older homes have their own family cemetery

Waiting for the lock to open

Yes, we are in Virginia

Town where we spent the night on a free dock

History of the Dismal Swamp

Gonig into Norfolk area

A crane on a crane

Looking out our back window in Portsmouth


  1. It appears you guys are having a GREAT time!!! Love it. Kelly & June

  2. hey its john again from SF, just cking in on your progress. looks like a blast going up those canals. i believe when we went to dinner you had a story of a vibration that was a prop issue, bent? sorry the prop bug bite again.
    enjoy your "docktails" with your fellow "loopers"
    take care