Sunday, May 25, 2014

Still at Annapolis for a Couple More Days

Thought we were going to leave for Delaware, but woke in the morning and the wind was blowing and decided to stay a couple more days in Annapolis.  Things could be worse, right?  Tom and I took the opportunity to visit and tour the Naval Academy.  It's unbelievable what a midshipmen goes through and the requirements to even attend such an acclaimed and respected institution.  We just happen to be here during graduation week.  Unfortunately when we went to DC we missed the two days that the blue angels flew over Annapolis.  I don't know if I'm repeating myself but, I could live here.  The second day we rented a car again and drove to Baltimore.  We were going to go there by boat but with the delays with weather we decided to bypass Baltimore and head to Delaware City.  A good thing about the delay was that Al and Marianne came to visit Chloe and us on our last day.

Captains row where the rank of captain for Navy or Marine lives

This is where the Superintendent (Dean) of the campus lives.  Three star Admiral.

Cathedral on the campus was closed for a wedding

We did get to see the crypt of John Paul Jones.  You need to Google the bio of this famous man.

This is the bust of John Paul Jones, which is actually a death mask.

Olympic pool that all Midshipmen have to swim a half mile with their uniform and jump off a 30 meter platform
Bancroft Hall, the largest dorm in the world, all 4500 Midshipmen live here 

Walking into the front door

Dedicated to the Alumni who died in service

Cool chandieliers in Bancroft Hall 
Can't really remember but the graduating class had fun

USS Constellation

Baltimore Harbor walk

Old Coast Guard ship

Cool dolphin art

Fort McHenry, the birth of the Star Spangler Banner.  Look at the flag carefully and see how it has changed

God bless America!
New friends forever, you made our stay special.
Tom, Jan, Jan, and me in Baltimore

I don't know, there was this hand coming out of the building

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