Wednesday, October 16, 2013

San Yippee Diego

Yeahh!!!!!  We made it to San Diego, our final destination on the West coast.  Jan and I had a great time in Long Beach and visiting family in the area, it would have been nice to spend more time there.  Mike and Lu-Lu, my sister, came on Saturday the 12th and after spending the afternoon together she and Jan took the cars back to Lu-Lu's house while Mike and I stayed on the boat looking forward to an early start on Sunday for San Diego.  We untied the boat and were on our way about 6:45am Sunday morning.   I told Mike it looks like a smooth ride but of coarse things happen.  It wasn't too bad the first half but about the last 30 to 40 miles we had this continuous 2 to 3 foot wind ways hitting us on the side of the boat making it rock and roll.  Glad Jan took Chloe with her so she wouldn't have to deal with it.  Finally we pulled into Cabrillo Isle Marina at Harbor Island at 4:00pm.  Jan and Chloe were there to meet us and we all joined in with a shot of tequila to celebrate the moment, except for Chloe. Now we are in the process of coordinating our move by truck to Texas and the boat yard to help with the preparation.

Point Loma.  We had to stay a mile off so not to get into the seaweed.

Looking at downtown San Diego

Coming into Harbor Island

One happy captain.

One happy puppy, not on the last leg of the trip.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Alamitos Bay / Long Beach, CA

We left Ventura on Monday morning and arrived in Alamitos Bay at 4:00pm.  Got some great shots of dolphins just off Pacific Palisades.  It's amazing how different the ocean is here in Southern Calif. verses North.  I guess that's why there are so many boats down here.  We're on an end tie and have a great view of the harbor.  The day after we got here a long ago friend of Jan's called and drove over to visit.  Pam was a next door neighbor and classmate growing up with Jan.  We all lived on the same block growing up and Pam's sister was my age and a classmate.  It had been probably some 22 years since we all saw each other.  After trying to get caught up she then drove us over to have dinner.  At dinner we continued to get caught up and later drove us back to the boat.  Yesterday we put the dinghy in the water so Chloe and I could take Jan across the bay to a hair salon.  After we picked her up we had to take the boat over to the pump out and empty the holding tank, one of the things I miss about Tower Park was the pump out was at the shed so you never had to move your boat.  Miss you Tower Park dock friends.  Gary, our son, drove our car down from Sacramento after he got off work and arrived here at 11:45pm.  I can't believe how fast he got here. Next morning we went to lunch and then back to the boat and hung out the rest of the day.  That night we drove over to Famous Dave's BBQ in Long Beach and had a great rib dinner.  When we got back to the boat the Santa Ana winds started to blow.  For of those that don't know about the Santa Ana winds, they come from off shore and can get up to 50 mph.  That night the bow line was rubbing on the hull with the strain of the wind blowing and I had to get up to put a rag between the line and the hull to quiet the noise so we could sleep.  In the morning we left to take Gary to the Ontario airport and then we continued on to my sisters in Pinon Hills.  We were surprised to find our Nephew and his family, our Niece, my Dad and Edie waiting for us to show.  We're going to spend some time in the area to visit and won't be updating the blog the rest of the week.  The plan is to leave for San Diego this coming weekend.

Pacific Palisades
Dolphins leading the way
Light house to the entrance of Los Angeles harbor 
Jan's friend Pam she grew up with
Sunset in Alamitos Bay
Lunch with Gary