Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 AGLCA Spring Rendezvous in Norfolk, VA

We returned Saturday from the Americas Great Loop Cruisers Assoc. (AGLCA) spring rendezvous in Norfolk VA.  There were past loopers (as they're called) present loopers and us, the wanna be loopers.  Most of the present loopers we're there with their boats docked at the marina located at the Sheraton hotel, where we were staying.  The rendezvous held many seminars and presentations that we found extremely helpful when we start our trip at the end of this year.   We also meet a lot of friendly people that were all willing to answer any questions we asked.  Next year at this time we hope to be one of those present loopers with our boat at the spring rendezvous.  Next step is renting the house.

USS Wisconsin

Some of the looper boats