Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Joe Wheeler State Park

We left Aqua Yacht Harbor early for our two day trip to Joe Wheeler State Park where the AGLCA is holding their fall rendezvous.  For us it's more of a social event since the conference covers the portion of the loop from there to Norfolk, VA.  Since we have completed most of it all ready it was fun seeing a lot of loopers we met along the way that we haven't seen for awhile. The trip to Joe Wheeler is up the Tennessee River and is a two day trip.  We left Aqua on the 10th of October and our first stop is Florence Alabama and the next day is only 20 miles, but we have to go through two locks.  We arrived at Joe Wheeler on the 11th and we will be leaving the 17th.  The rendezvous was great and everyone had a good time.  We met up with Jack and Patti, we first met when we were in Seabrook, TX.  They are starting their loop from Mobile this January.  We'll see them again when we get down there in a few weeks.  We have decided to take a side trip when we leave here and continue up the Tennessee to Chattanooga.

Heading down Pickwick Lake to the Tennessee River
Our first stop is Florence. AL
Here we are at the Wheeler Lock

Finally at the rendouvous at Joe Wheeler State Park

Looking down the dock
Group Picture (Thanks Earl)
The couple on the right of Jan and the left of me are new loopers, Ross and Barb are standing up.
Here we are with old loopers Navigator and Average Looper
We miss you Pee-Air

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Aqua Yacht Harbor and Graceland

While we're here for a while we decided to rent a car and go to Memphis and check out Graceland the  home of Elvis.  I can see why Elvis is worth more dead than alive.  It was $42.00 per person for only the tour of the house.  It was more it you wanted to see the car museum or his private jets, or the movie theater.  They also charged $10.00 to park in the parking lot.  We went on a Monday and it was crowed.  After seeing the house I can only imagine what it must have been like to be there back in the day.  Meanwhile back here at the boat we have been doing some polishing and extra cleaning to get the boat looking good for the up coming rendezvous at Joe Wheeler State Park in Alabama.  If you recall a past post in May we attended the one in Norfolk and now it's the fall rendezvous put on by America's Great Loop Cruisers Assoc.

Not as big as you might think and no tour of the second floor
Part of front gate, (notice all the writing from fans)
Back of house
Living room looking into the music room

This is the room for his Mom and Dad 
Media room
Jungle room

Horses were one of his passions
Rows and rows of gold and platinum records
Costumes he wore for his concerts
More awards and memoribilia
This was in the racket ball building
Meditation Garden were Elvis, his parents and Grandmother are buried

One of the planes
Aqua Yacht Harbor

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Onward to Pickwick Lake

Green Turtle Bay was a great place.  There was at least 40 looper boats there.  Everyone was staying for at least a week but we decided to spend our week in Pickwick Lake where three states meet, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.  We left Green Turtle on Thursday the 25th of Sept. and headed South on the Tennessee River / Kentucky Lake to our first destination of Pebble Isle Marina in the town of in New Johnsonville TN.  We spent the night and were off in the morning for Clifton City Marina in Clifton, TN.  Still on a mission to get to Pickwick we left again early in the morning and headed to our final destination of Aqua Yacht Harbor on Pickwick Lake in Mississippi.  On the last five miles we had to lock through the Pickwick Landing Lock before entering the lake.  I must say the Tennessee River is beautiful.  After traveling almost 200 miles in three days we were glad to finally arrive and know we had over a week to relax and get some boat stuff done.  The Aqua Yacht Harbor has cable TV, Wifi, Pool, two courtesy vans to use anytime and a great view of the lake.  I know we're going to enjoy every minute.

Land between the Lakes of Kentucky and Barkley

We are now at where the Tombigbee and Tennessee meet
Anyone been here before?  If not, you gotta go.  Two inch pork chops melt in your mouth

Also famous for their lemon meringue pie
This is Jan from Navigator with a pumpkin idea of using thumb tacks for the design
Sights along the way to Pickwick

Coming into Pebble Isle Marina
A little early morning fog
A tow with lots of coal

Town of Clifton 
Coming into Clifton City Marina
Here's a tow just coming out to the Pickwick Lock with a gate for a dam
there working on down river
Pickwick Lake