Thursday, April 17, 2014

Georgetown SC

We left Charleston early for a long ride to Georgetown, the third largest city of South Carolina.  When we left Charleston we passed by Fort Sumter.  Wish we could have taken the tour boat over to the island but we didn't have enough time.  Did you know, the first Union shot of the Civil War was fired by Captain Abner Doubleday. He was the second senior officer at Fort Sumter, under Major Robert Anderson.  It also was where the Civil War began.  We knew from weather reports that there was a 20% chance of rain on our trip to Myrtle Beach.  We found out that the 20% chance was over our boat almost the whole way. 
We pulled into the Harbor Walk Marina that is located in downtown Georgetown.  There is a storm front coming in the next day so we decided to stay a couple of days. After we pulled into this small marina several more boats pulled in behind us.  There was probably five looper boats.  We all exchanged boat cards, that are business cards with all your boat and contact information, and then Jan and I got all our laundry done.  Next day we went into the town and had breakfast and checked out some of the shops before this big storm was coming.  I finally started to rain about 5:00 pm and only barely enough to get the boat wet.  Next day was suppose to be windy but sunny so four of us looper boats decided to head to Myrtle Beach. 

Castle Pinckney. Google it!

Fort Sumter
Harborwalk Marina Georgetown

Downtown Georgetown

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hilton Head to Beaufort to Charleston SC

Pulled out of Hilton Head on Friday and headed to Lady's Island Marina in Beaufort SC.  When we arrived there were at least five other looper boats here including our friends Ross and Barb we crossed over the gulf with.  They spent time down in Marathon Key and we haven't seen them since we crossed over.  There also is another boat here named Panacea.   Most of us got together that night for dinner at a place called the Fillin Station.  For ten bucks you get a rib eye steak, baked potato, and corn.  After dinner and some socializing we headed back to the boat for an early start to Charleston.  We left Saturday at 7:00am and arrived in Charleston at 3:00pm  We made the mistake of staying at the Charleston City Marina, where they put us on the outside of the dock that the river flows.  It happened to be some annual big time regatta going on this weekend and boats were going up and down the river all day long, so we rocked all day long.  Sunday we went into town and did some exploring.  We went on a carriage ride and walked to all the popular spots for shopping.  They block off King Street on the second Sunday and let everyone stroll in the middle of the street.  I was told, and did witness more shoe shops in a ten block section than I have ever seen.  Glad Jan wasn't in the shoe shopping mood that day.  Charleston was a very nice place but we need to keep moving North to be at the Great Loop Cruisers Assoc rendezvous on May 4th.

Last night at Hilton Head
Pinta and Nina replicas at Beaufort City Marina

Lady's Island Marina
Coming in to Lady's Island Marina Beaufort

Last evening at the marina
Coming into Charleston City Marina
One of the many boats rocking our world

This is Prince, our carriage horse
Prince taking us on a tour of Charleston

Some of the houses


Another house owned way back when by some rich guy.

Daughters of the Confederacy building.   When you walk through, it's all vendors selling anything you can think of.  It's about five blocks long.
Second Sunday on King Street
U.S. Custom House
This is the picture Jan should have posted on Facebook.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

More of Hilton Head

Stayed another day and got some boat chores done and did some bike riding over to the golf coarse.    Climbed the lighthouse for pictures.  I think we could live here. 

Actually the guy who thought this up and had it built was criticized by everyone.  Little did everyone know it is now iconic to Hilton Head

They put us on the quiet part of the marina. Thank you!

Can you see Panacea?  In another week you won't even be able to stay here because of the golf tournament.

Looking North
Another view of the RBC #18 from the top

This lighthouse is really high

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hilton Head

We left at 9:00 am for Hilton Head, South Carolina.  That's right we are in a new state.  The trip was uneventful and we got here at 12:15 pm.  For all you golf fans we are at Harbor Town Marina where the RBC Heritage golf tournament is held every year which starts April 14th.   If you can get in here with a boat you have to stay a minimum of five days.  Since I watch every year the tournament I had to stay here to say I was there.  Too bad I am too cheap to play a round.  We were only going to spend a day here but after being here we had to extend to an extra day.  I must say this is probably one of the more expensive marinas we have stayed at by the fact when you arrive you get a bottle of wine.  Notice, I did not say a free bottle of wine.   They have several restaurants and shops to explore.  Forty miles of bike trails that we will explore. Chloe even has a beach to run on.  If we could afford it we might even live here.  Only if the no-see-ums are gone.

Poor  ole sail boat that ran aground

Crossing from Georgia into So. Carolina

These people had their own house on the beach

Harbor Town Marina
A long way from Tower Park.  We miss our friends, but not the dirt.

Our view

18th hole of the RBC

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Savannah GA

We arrived here at the Isle of Hope Marina on Sunday in the rain and went into Savannah on Monday.  The Marina gave us a ride to Walmart where you catch the city bus into downtown for only $1.50 per person.  The bus driver told us where to get off so we could walk over to the visitor center and get on a trolley that takes you all around Savannah with narration and fourteen stops.  You can get off at any of the fourteen stops and then get back on when you like.  The buses come by ever fifteen minutes.  We've done this in other cities and it's a great way to get all the info you can in a day.  In short here is a brief history.

There's a lot of history from this time to the end of the civil war.  The city was spared by Sherman during the civil war when his forces had burned and destroyed everything they encountered on their March to the Sea from Atlanta.   He was so awed by Savannah's beauty and chose not to destroy it.  Instead he presented it to President Lincoln as a Christmas gift.  Really a beautiful city.  While we were there you can't leave without having dinner a Paula Dean's "Lady and Sons" restaurant. I had the chicken pot pie and Jan went for the buffet so she could have the fried chicken.  Just before we got there the rain started and a tornado watch was given until 9:00 that night.  We decided to take a taxi back to the boat instead of the bus.  Today we slept in while it rained all night until about 11:00 this morning.  We cleaned the boat and got it ready for tomorrow when we leave for Hilton Head.  We did take Chloe for a walk around the marina and checked out the many southern style houses along the bank of the river.  Very cool homes.  Oh by the way, Spanish Moss is neither from Spain nor is it moss.  The English settlers called it that because it looked like the beards of the Spanish settlers.  Who knew?

Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church 1875

Everyone wants to go here, so they say.

Ellis Square laid out in 1733
City Market

Had lunch here that was made famous by a scene in John Berendt's book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"
City Market
What can I say?

Down on the river front they were filming a show of "American Grilled"

The Lady and Sons buffet

Couldn't help myself before I took the picture
House next to the marina

Looking down the street from the marina, just love the Spanish Moss

Another cool house.

Looking down the street again.  The pink flowers are Azaleas.
This is the marina looking across from some of these houses

This is the courtesy car you can use for 2 hours.  Headed out to dinner tonight.