Monday, April 7, 2014

Jekyll Island to Savannah

We sadly left Jekyll Island and were off to Savannah.  Since we only go 8 mph it meant only going half way and spending the night.  We decided to spend the night at anchor on Walburg Creek.  Our anchor guide book recommended this place because it had a beach to take Chloe by dinghy for her potty time.  We arrived at about 4:00 pm and launched the dinghy and I took Chloe to see how great this beach was for dogs.  It was a fairly large beach on a point and no one was there.  She had a great time getting off the boat and running all over the place.  She also took care of business.  After we got back to the boat we had to wash the salt off her legs and feet.  This was a great anchorage, I was able to pick up an unsecured wifi signal with my booster and we could even get TV stations.  This was only the second time we have anchored out since we left Texas and we want to do it more.  At about 5:30 am I woke to the sound of rain coming down and it wasn't going to stop soon.  When we got up at about 8:00 am it was continuing to rain and neither Chloe nor I wanted to take a dinghy ride to the beach, not to mention the foot of water in the dinghy.  We decided to get the water out of the dinghy and get it back up out of the water and loaded on the boat so we could get on our way to Savannah.  I'm so happy we bought rain gear before we left Texas.  For all my boating friends in the Delta when I pulled up the anchor there was no mud on it at all.  Apparently the bottom is sand and the anchor comes up clean.  Very different.  It pretty much rained all day even when we pulled into Isle of Hope Marina.  Nice little marina on the ICW about a 20 minute ride to downtown Savannah.  They even have a courtesy car you can use for 2 hours if you want to run to the store or whatever.  Tomorrow we will head to downtown Savannah and check it out.

Had a hitch hiker on the way.

Georgia landscape is pretty much marsh on the ICW

Not too much to look at

Anchored out on Walburg Creek

Looking good...

The end of the trees on the right is Chloe's beach
Isle of Hope is actually the name of the town.  The town next to it is Sand Fly! (aka no see-ums)

Can you see Panacea?
Chloe is saying, "not going in the rain."  Jan is saying "nice pedicure"

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