Thursday, April 17, 2014

Georgetown SC

We left Charleston early for a long ride to Georgetown, the third largest city of South Carolina.  When we left Charleston we passed by Fort Sumter.  Wish we could have taken the tour boat over to the island but we didn't have enough time.  Did you know, the first Union shot of the Civil War was fired by Captain Abner Doubleday. He was the second senior officer at Fort Sumter, under Major Robert Anderson.  It also was where the Civil War began.  We knew from weather reports that there was a 20% chance of rain on our trip to Myrtle Beach.  We found out that the 20% chance was over our boat almost the whole way. 
We pulled into the Harbor Walk Marina that is located in downtown Georgetown.  There is a storm front coming in the next day so we decided to stay a couple of days. After we pulled into this small marina several more boats pulled in behind us.  There was probably five looper boats.  We all exchanged boat cards, that are business cards with all your boat and contact information, and then Jan and I got all our laundry done.  Next day we went into the town and had breakfast and checked out some of the shops before this big storm was coming.  I finally started to rain about 5:00 pm and only barely enough to get the boat wet.  Next day was suppose to be windy but sunny so four of us looper boats decided to head to Myrtle Beach. 

Castle Pinckney. Google it!

Fort Sumter
Harborwalk Marina Georgetown

Downtown Georgetown

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