Wednesday, October 16, 2013

San Yippee Diego

Yeahh!!!!!  We made it to San Diego, our final destination on the West coast.  Jan and I had a great time in Long Beach and visiting family in the area, it would have been nice to spend more time there.  Mike and Lu-Lu, my sister, came on Saturday the 12th and after spending the afternoon together she and Jan took the cars back to Lu-Lu's house while Mike and I stayed on the boat looking forward to an early start on Sunday for San Diego.  We untied the boat and were on our way about 6:45am Sunday morning.   I told Mike it looks like a smooth ride but of coarse things happen.  It wasn't too bad the first half but about the last 30 to 40 miles we had this continuous 2 to 3 foot wind ways hitting us on the side of the boat making it rock and roll.  Glad Jan took Chloe with her so she wouldn't have to deal with it.  Finally we pulled into Cabrillo Isle Marina at Harbor Island at 4:00pm.  Jan and Chloe were there to meet us and we all joined in with a shot of tequila to celebrate the moment, except for Chloe. Now we are in the process of coordinating our move by truck to Texas and the boat yard to help with the preparation.

Point Loma.  We had to stay a mile off so not to get into the seaweed.

Looking at downtown San Diego

Coming into Harbor Island

One happy captain.

One happy puppy, not on the last leg of the trip.


  1. Hi Larry,
    I'd sure be interested in the transport company that you use. We have not chosen one as yet. Our home has not sold and we want that done before we start the loop.

  2. We are using San Diego Boat Movers. I would also try Dudley yacht transport. We have a rep from Shelter Island Boat Repair coming tomorrow to go thru our boat and let us know all we have to do to get the boat ready. I read an article by Boat US on transporting a boat and basically they say plan on your boat in hurricane force wind going backwards. Make sure you insure the transportation. I know we'll see each other eventually probably in Florida. Keep in touch.

    Larry D.

  3. Hi Larry,
    I have been following your adventures through your blog and it sounds like you all are having a wonderful trip. We recently had a 42' Cruisers motoryacht moved from San Diego to Phoenix. We used Hales Marine Services because they not only hauled the boat, they did the tear down and set it back up once it got to Phoenix. Worked well since the same guys did both ends of the job. We will be moving the boat to Houston as early as March, and then startting the loop from there, just like you. Maybe we will run in to each other.

    Happy Cruising!

    Steve and Debbie Miller
    2004 Cruisers 405 Express MY

  4. Love keeping up with you all. Miss you on the delta, but I know you are sooooo enjoying!! Happy Halloween! Looking forward to your next posts!!

  5. Update the Blog LARRY