Friday, November 22, 2013

Our Last Hurrah with Family and Friends Before Leaving

I know it's been a while since our last post.  We spent time with family in Southern Calif. and drove to Northern Calif. to see more of our family and unfortunately not all of our friends, just not enough time. We had fun in San Diego and loved Cabrillo Isle Marina.  Our first weekend in San Diego our friends David and Susan stayed with us and we took Panacea out for a harbor cruise.  We also went downtown the next day and had breakfast at Croce's.  For all you senior citizens, like me, Jim Croce was a talented singer, ( Time in a Bottle, Bad Bad Leroy Brown, etc.) that had his life cut short in a plane crash.  His wife opened the restaurant some 30 years ago in homage to his legacy.  Much of our time was spent organizing with boat yards and truck transports for preparing the boat for its long journey over the asphalt roads to Texas.  We did buy an inverter and installed everything for it except the AC wiring to the electrical panel.  We just ran out of time and will have that done in Seabrook.  My sister drove Mike down and dropped him off to spend the last five days with us to help get the boat ready for transport.  We had to take all antenna, radar, windshield, canvas top and anything higher than highest point with the windshield removed.  Then we had to take the boat over to San Diego Boat Repair so they could use the crane to remove the radar arch.  Then back to the marina to start taping all the windows and doors.  The way the boat yard put it is, image your boat going backwards at 70mph so make sure you tape every crack and cranny so no water can get in.  We also had to store all breakables, chairs, tables, and on and on.  Thank you Mike for all your help.  Not sure we could have done it without you.  After the boat was loaded on the truck we drove to my sister's and the next day went to NorCal and stayed with our son Michael, Jess and Carter and Dylan, our Grandsons.  We also got to see our Granddaughter, Ashley, play in her last volleyball game.  Gary, Tiffany, and Ashley joined us at Michael and Jess's to celebrate Jan's birthday and the next day we went to Gary and Tiffany's to watch the 49er game and have dinner.   Two of the days I got to play golf with the Boys and my friend Mike D.   After four days we packed up and headed back down to my sisters.   We're going to miss ya all.  Leaving for Seabrook on the 16th.

Cabrillo Isle Marina

Susan, Jan, and Chloe on bay cruise
USS Midway
San Diego
Captain Larry
De Radar Arched
Strapped to the bow for transport
Ready for haul out
We'll see her in Texas
Do you see the 49er pillow?
Our Family

Here's to you...Pat, Linda, Jan, and Me
Linda and Jan
Jess, Carter, Dylan and Jan
My sister Lu-Lu and Mike

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