Friday, November 22, 2013

Heading to Seabrook Texas

We left on the 16th early in the morning from my sister's.  The plan is to spend the first day going to Tucson, then to El Paso, San Antonio, and finally Seabrook.  Since we had Chloe with us we stayed at only pet friendly hotels.  Did you know the speed limit in parts of Texas is 80mph?  We really did enjoy San Antonio, we probably could have spent an extra day there.  The riverwalk and Alamo was very cool.  We arrived in Seabrook on the 19th and got to see Panacea up on blocks with a new bottom job and buffed out hull.  The next day she is going to get her bottom wet and we can move back on board. So here we are back on board trying to get everything cleaned up and put back together.  First thing is to get the canvas and windshield back on because they're talking about a cold front coming in with rain on Friday.  Today is Thursday and it is 80 degrees with 100% humidity.  Welcome to Texas!

See you in Texas
Entering Arizona
Leaving New Mexico
This one is for you Gary
Remember the Alamo
The Alamo
San Antonia Riverwalk

New bottom and shiny hull

Let the fun begin


  1. About Time there was an update! WHERE'S THE PILLOW?

  2. Good to get an up date !! BIG DAVID

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