Thursday, May 1, 2014

Southport to Wrightsville Beach

While we were in Southport, Mike and Debbie arranged for a rental car so they would be able to leave and head to the Raleigh airport to fly home.  There was also two other looper boats in Southport and we all got together for dinner that night including Attitude Changer with Ross and Barb.  When we all ordered our food the waitress came back to inform us that their fryer went down and we couldn't order any fried food.  Now, that's hard to do in North Carolina.  Needless to say they closed the restaurant after our order.  Next day the plan was for Debbie and Jan to take the car to our next destination while Mike and I moved the boat to Wrightsville Beach.  We all left at 9:30 am and since it was only going to take 45 minutes by car and the boat 4 hours Jan and Debbie found lots of shopping to do before they met the boat.  Mike and I had a good trip especially on the Cape Fear River that can get pretty rough if the wind is blowing.  We pulled into Seapath Yacht Club and relaxed waiting for Jan and Debbie to show.  That night we barbecued up some steak and veggies for dinner and retired early for an early start tomorrow morning.  We walked Debbie and Mike out to the car in the morning and said our goodbyes.  It was so good having them with us, it was like a little of home coming to visit.  Back to the boat and off we went to Sneads Ferry.

Going by the opening to the Alantic

Palm tree all alone on this sand island

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