Friday, May 16, 2014

Saint Michaels Maryland

What a cool place!  This is one of those places all the rich people come to with their yachts and show off.  We got here this last Wednesday and no one was here.  I guess all those big boats are owned by people who work. We were going to leave today but a storm was coming in with 25 to 30 mph winds so we decided to stay today and leave tomorrow. We had 3 inches of rain in three hours!  Then we had a flash flood warning!  Whew! After the storm blew through and the sun came out the boats started coming into the marina.  We are here at the St. Michaels Marina with Navigator and Attitude Changer is just on the other side of the city anchored out.  We all got together for lunch yesterday at an Irish Pub and the guys; Ross, Tom and I, went to the Maritime Museum.  The museum had several wooden boats on display that were used in the Chesapeake Bay for oyster, crab, and the fishing industry.  They also had a lighthouse that was in the bay some five miles out that was occupied by one guy who made sure the light was on every night.  Poor Chloe has had a case of fleas that we just can't seem to get under control.  We have tried Front Line, Advantage, flea baths, and anything else we can of for her.  Today was her third bath in a row and through cleaning of the boat including washing all our bedding and hers.  She seems to be better and I'm sure she'll get another bath tomorrow until they are gone.  Never had fleas in California.  Tomorrow we leave for Annapolis.

Church founded in 1672

St. Michaels Parish
I can't get over the cemeteries at the church
Boat ride

I guess I took this because you don't see houses in Calif like this
One of the boats commissioned to build

Lighthouse that was out five miles

On top of the lighthouse

The lens

Looking down on the museum grounds
Hey, hey, hey, watch that hand

Panacea has blue lights just like the big ones

Everyone at Tower Park, blue lights is the thing back here


  1. Hi Larry,
    Great watching your progress. I'm having trouble getting bids to move our boat . Can you tell me who you used to transport your boat?
    Penny Pinchin
    Loop start 10/14

    1. Dave, we used San Diego Boat Movers. You gotta do this, it's fantastic!

      Larry D.

  2. I'm just catching up with you. Dennis is way ahead with your journey. We loved St. Michaels when we were in the Chesapeake sailing last October. The oysters were only 50 cents a piece at the Irish Pub and I are 18. Sunday mornings they have 'make your own bloodies' for $5. Woohoo! Cindy