Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tarpon Springs

The first thing we did when we tied up in Tarpon Springs was to take Chloe for a potty walk and after that we tried to take a nap.  I think we had so much adrenaline still going we couldn't sleep.  So, I washed down the boat to get the salt off and poured myself a celebratory drink.  Later in the afternoon three other boats, that left Carrabelle the Wednesday before we left, arrived here at Turtle Cove and we all got together and celebrated making here.  The three boats that left on Wednesday did what is called the "Big Bend", which is going due East from Carrabelle to Steinhatchee, then South from Steinhatchee to Crystal River, and Crystal River to Tarpon Springs.  It's long day trips but pulling into a marina for the night.  You still have to watch the weather and be careful of the water depth pulling into these marinas.  Thought it was ironic we made it here before they did.  That night I took Chloe out for her final potty walk before going to bed and on the way back she tried to jump from the dock to the swim platform on the boat and didn't quite make it.  I pulled her back up and got a towel to dry her off.  By this time I was completely exhausted but knew I had to give her a bath to get the salt water off.  Finally got to bed and we all slept for about 12 hours.  Next day it was 75 degrees which called for shorts and sandals.  First time in a long time we've had warm weather since leaving Seabrook Texas.  Our new friends Barb and Ross joined us and we all walked into Tarpon Springs for lunch and sightseeing.  I may have mentioned the Tarpon Springs is the sponge capital of the world.  At least that's what the sign said.  We had a nice time walking around a seeing the many shops and sponge boats.  That night all us loopers got together for a pot luck bbq.  Everyone brought their own meat and some sort of side.  We stopped at the local fish market and got a couple of steaks of Amber jack.  Never had it before but turned out great.  Leaving tomorrow for Clearwater.

First nice day we wore shorts and sandals
Just hanging around

Sponges sponges everywhere!

Typical sponge boat

Dedicated to the divers
Steve and Meredith's boat.  They are almost done.
Ross and Barb,  They went across the Gulf with us in their trawler

Fellow loopers at Turtle Cove Marina having a BBQ pot luck

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  1. What was the adrenaline from? Rough ride? looks like some good vitals there on the table.