Monday, January 6, 2014

Gulf Shores (Orange Beach) AL

We left Gulfport, MS at 6:30am on Saturday and before we left I checked the weather and for our entire trip it predicted 6 to 8 mph winds.  We had to go a distant of 76 nautical miles.  Perfect, let's go!  About a hour out it started to get a little rough.  Here's a little background on the Mississippi Sound.  It's only a max of 12 feet deep.  There is no swell like you would get in the ocean instead it is the washing machine affect.  Continuing on it started to get worse with four to five foot waves, no interval and 25 mph winds.  Luckily we were going into the wind so we were taking everything on the bow and the spray was covering the boat.  Although the boat handled it well it was extremely uncomfortable to the point of where can we go to get out of this.  There was no where to hide so we had no choice but to continue on.  When we saw the Dauphin Island bridge, the beginning of Mobile Bay, it started to lay down.  That was after about 5 hours of getting beat up. This is also the area we will cross our wake and complete our loop cruise. Also when we crossed Mobile Bay we went back into the ICW with a short trip to our destination of Lu-Lu's.  During our trip Jan was texting and my sister's Mike came up with a new advisory called the "Chloe weather advisory".  Chloe is the indicator of how good or bad it is.  Since we had to drug her half way through her advisory was not good.  Entering the ICW here in Alabama was completely different than anything we have seen so far.  After we tied up at Lu-Lu's, I washed down the boat to get all the salt water off and then we took a shower and headed up to Lu-Lu's for dinner.  So glad to be here.  Lu-Lu's is owned by Jimmy Buffet's sister whose real name is Lucy.  She has two restaurants here, one is hamburgers and grill type food and the other is more up scale seafood stuff.  I had a crab cake melt sandwich and Jan ordered the fried shrimp.  After dinner back to the boat and early to bed.

Dauphin Island Bridge that separates the Mississippi Sound and Mobile Bay
Entering the ICW after two days of open water
Some of the homes on the ICW

Lu-Lu's from Google Earth


  1. I loved LuLu's, wish I was there and it was mine. Love Your Lu-Lu

  2. I love this part of the Coast, from there to St. Joe FL and then below Tampa Bay. You sure did pick the coldest winter in decades to do this.

    1. Thanks Ben, coming from Calif. it has been an eye opener, should be in Fort Myers in about 3 weeks where it's much warmer.