Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stuck in Carrabelle Again............

We have been here a week since last Tuesday and everything was looking good for leaving today to make the crossing.  When we got here there were five boats.  One couple had their boat trucked over and one couple hired a captain and went balls to the wall and made it over on a good day.  Another couple rented a car and went home about three days ago and haven't seen them since.  Which leaves us and two other boats since we got here until yesterday when five other boats arrived.  Two of the boats we met in Norfolk last May, when Jan and I flew in to attend our first rendezvous held by the Great Loop Cruisers Assoc, were among the boats that arrived.  It was great to see them again, since we all were from California.   So now we have a total of ten boats.  Everything was looking good for the crossing until we continued to check the weather and made several calls to the weather experts who told us not to go, which included experienced captains.  Some of the boats decided to leave tomorrow and go to Steinatchee which is a marina about 80 miles due East and wait there for a weather opportunity to go to Crystal River and then Tarpon Springs or beyond.  We decided to stay put and wait for the next weather window with two other boats.  Last Saturday the other two boaters who were Mike, Lois, John, Diane celebrated Chloe's third birthday.  She enjoyed ice cream, treats, playing, and being pampered.  John and Diane, are from Kentucky with a car, and volunteer to take us places when they go some where.  Oh, did I mention John plays golf?  Soooo, yesterday we went to the St, James Bay golf coarse and played eighteen.  We got our butt kicked.  Tough coarse, but always fun.  I only lost seven balls.  Not sure how long we'll be here but we will keep you updated.

Starting to feel like home..........NOT
Carrabelle Police station

Cool memorial for all the fallen from Carrabelle in the military
Lois, Mike, John, and Diane getting ready for Chloe's Bday
I love vanilla ice cream
This is the "club house" at the marina every one gathers for docktails or potluck

Next city up from Carrabelle


  1. Are you planning to cut across Florida or are you going to Key West and around the tip? Dennis & Cindy

    1. Still have not decided. I think at this time we may go down to the keys.