Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Carrabelle, FL

Ever since we left Seabrook, TX are short term goal was to make it to Carrabelle.  This is the farthest East on the gulf you can go on the ICW and where loopers meet to wait for a weather window to cross the Gulf of Mexico to Tarpon Springs, a distance of 170 miles.  It is the only time on Americas Great Loop you are in open ocean water for a long period of time of about 21 hours, which means traveling over night.  If you have a fast boat you can make it all in one day.  Either way it's all about the weather.  Gulf waters are all about wind, moon phase, and tides.  There is no wave interval like in the Pacific Ocean.  Here it is like a washing machine and waves can get very steep.  We only had a 25 mile ride from Apalachicola going thru the St. George Sound and Apalachicola Bay, where the oysters are harvested.  It was only uncomfortable for Chloe so we had to give her a happy pill to make her feel better.  We arrived in Carrabelle yesterday at 12:30 and had to get fuel to save 50 cents a foot a day for slip fees.  We took on a total of 55 gallons.  After we arrived we found out that 5 boats are here waiting to cross.  Most have been here two weeks.  Some have tried to cross but had to turn back.  Since we've been here it doesn't look good until after this weekend.  Our slip is next to a fellow looper and we were invited to a pot luck dinner last night in the club house with the other loopers.  The marina staff and amenities are good but the docks are a little rustic.  There is a grocery store, ACE Hardware store and a boat supply store just across the street.  We walked over to the grocery store to buy dessert for everyone last night.  We were the newbies doing the loop, while others were half way or getting close to finishing.  Tonight we are getting together for dessert.  Someone seems to volunteer to bring the main dish and invite everyone to get together.  Super nice people.  When something happens I will update the blog, but in the mean time it looks like we'll be here a while.

Entering the Carrabelle River


The Moorings Marina at Carrabelle

That blue dot is where we are
Happy puppy

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