Sunday, February 2, 2014

Clearwater Beach Marina

After the tide came up we left Tarpon Springs at noon and headed to Clearwater.  Going into Clearwater we started to see many high rise condos and houses along the way.  It was raining with about 8 mph wind and we needed to work our way to St. Petersburg because our friend Debbie was flying in to Tampa to spend some time with us.  When we arrived at the marina, one of the looper boats that crossed over the same day as us, were there to greet us.  Mike and Lois have a trawler named "Inch N Along" and a new kitty named Adi.  They invited us over for a pasta dinner and we brought the wine.  We all talked about our crossing and how glad we were to have it over.  The weather stayed the same through out the day and next day and at 9:30am Thursday we left for St. Petersburg.

This was one of the nine bridges we went under to Clearwater

We didn't need to have any open 
Typical house along the way

Lot of rich people in Florida

Buch of birds in bushes
Mike, Lois. and Adi

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