Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fort Myers to Stuart FL

We left Fort Myers at 9:00am Monday and set out to cross from the West side of Florida to the East side.  This entails going thru four locks to raise us to the height of Lake Okeechobee.  Our first stop was the city dock of Moore Haven.  We side tied to a wall with a park and across from the library and city hall.  It was Presidents Day and the town was quiet.  We arrived at about 4:00pm and just chilled.  We got up early the next day and left at 8:00am for Stuart.  It was another beautiful day and not much wind for the crossing of the lake.  Lake Okeechobee is the second largest lake to Lake Michigan in the U.S.  We had a great day and got into River Forest Yacht Center at about 3:45pm.  Remember what I said about those Sea Ray friends from our past?  Well guess who is there to greet us but Sarah and Ken.  They have a forty four express bridge here in the yard getting some work done.  They also have their RV here that they stay in while their boat is having work done.  I won't go into detail but they are not happy about what needs to be done.  Anyway, they too have a jeep for getting around and have let us use it for our errands.  That night they invited us over to the motor home and made a BBQ chicken dinner.  How crazy is it that we have had the people in our past lives here and other places we have been?  Last night we had them over to the boat for hamburgers, and tonight we all went out to dinner to celebrate Debbie D's birthday.  Happy Birthday Debbie D.

On the wall at Moore Haven
This guy has his own plane

For my sister
The bridge right behind us at Moore Haven
Entering lock
They open the gate to let the water in and we raise eight feet
Holding the line as we rise
Lake Okeechobee
Lock we drove thru after crossing the lake
Railroad bridge (narrow)
Fixer upper

Our new home for a short while
Looking out the back

Sarah and Ken

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