Sunday, February 2, 2014

St. Petersburg, FL

We were having a wonderful trip to St. Petersburg until we went into Tampa Bay and made a left to get to  our destination at the Renaissance Vinoy Marina.  It was an East wind and raining which made the bay rough enough to get salt water spray all over the boat.  Luckily we only had to go about 5 miles.  Once we pulled in we found out that the reviews we heard about this place were true.  If there is an East wind over 10 mph, which it was, you rock and roll, which we did.  Debbie arrived at 11:30pm and it was great to see our friend from home.  We stayed up till 1:00am before we all went to bed.  Panacea continued to rock and roll all thru the night and into the next day with rain the whole time.  Friday we did our laundry, had lunch at the Vinoy, and checked out the resort.  We found out that for fifty cents you could get on a trolley bus that took you around the city of St. Petersburg with the bus driver pointing out special pionts of interest.   Since it was raining we decided to take the trolley and do the whole loop and see where we want to go the next day when the rain stopped.  Saturday turned out to be wonderful.  The boat stopped rocking and the sun came out and so did the people.  We walked over to an annual art exhibit in the park with each artist showing their craft in individual booths.  There was some really cool stuff.  We then walked across the street, had breakfast, were Jan and Debbie went shopping and I headed on the trolley to the Dali Museum.  For all you people from Rio Linda, Salvadore Dali was a world renown Surrealist artist from Spain.  His art work was from 1914 to about 1986.  I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside, but some of his art pieces were fourteen feet high.  I also think he was either a genius or on the brink of mental illness.  It's amazing what he envisioned when painting.  After we all returned to the boat we enjoyed a nice steak dinner and settled in for the night.

Panacea at the Renaissance Vinoy Marina Resort
I guess we're not the only loopers
Art festival
Banyan tree
Made from Agave plant, unbelievable 

The pelican whisperer
To all our family and friends from Spain
Inside the museum, spiral staircase to heaven
Vinoy harbor

Jan and Debbie 

Walking back after taking Chloe to see the squirrels

This is a pic Jan took at the park, not sure what it is

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