Friday, March 7, 2014

Stuart FL

We are still here in Stuart after going back home to see family and friends.  I couldn't say we were going home in my last post because it was our daughter in-law Tiffany's, surprise 40th birthday party and we had to keep it a secret.  We flew back with Debbie D. on the 21st, which was also her birthday, and on the way to the airport we stopped at West Palm Beach.  I think we found where all the really rich people live.  The mansions and yachts are unbelievable.  We had lunch on the beach and then headed to Fort Lauderdale to catch our flight to Sacramento.  Mike D. picked us up and we spent the night at their house.  Next day we went over to our son Mike and Jess's house, where we will spend the rest of our time.  Saturday Mike and Jess had some friends over and on Sunday morning Eric and Shannon invited us to Serrano Country Club for brunch and then at night Mike and Debbie had many of our friends and family over for a get together and dinner.   Monday we left with Jess, Carter, and Dylan and drove down to Southern Calif. for a quick turn around to see my Dad, Mom, Sister, and her family.  It was the first time my Mom saw Dylan.  We were back up North on Wednesday and had a lot of to do things to take care of before we came back to Florida.  One of the things was to get our teeth cleaned.  Jan had called before we left Florida and got us in on Thursday.  Little did I know, but our dentist came in on his day off and personally cleaned our teeth and put a temporary filling in a tooth that I chipped.  If anyone needs a recommendation of a great dentist in El Dorado Hills give Dr. Scott Dexter a call.  I think we did everything we needed to get done, including our income tax and playing golf with the boys.  If we missed someone we're sorry, just didn't have enough time.  We left on the 3rd and headed back to Fort Lauderdale where we rented a car and drove to Fort Myers to get Chloe who was a guest at Marcia and Bruce's house.  We stayed at their house that night and the next day Marcia took us and her grand daughter, Carson to Manatee Park and the Ford Edison museum their winter homes in Fort Myers.  Still didn't see any Manatee's but did see the Ford and Edison winter homes. We left Wednesday to return to the boat in Stuart and got caught up on laundry and groceries before we had to return the rental car.  We also had to detox Chloe from Marcia's home made dog food she makes for all of her dogs.  So, while we were gone the toilet is fixed, the oil changed and the impellers replaced.  It's time to go!  Heading to Fort Pierce tomorrow.

Sarah and Ken helping with the luggage as we go home

Debbie D's Birthday at West Palm Beach
The Beach

Eric, Shannon and John at Serrano (Thank You)
Mike, Jess, Carter, Dylan, and us

Grammie with Carter and Dylan at Lu-Lu's pet farm
Great Grandma's with Dylan and Carter

Only Manatee we've seen

Pirate Manatee
Marcia and Bruce's Grand daughter (Carson)

This was Henry Ford's personal Model T

Thomas Edison's winter home
Henry Ford's winter home, they were best buds.



  1. We're leaving Ft. Pierce today. We'll probably see you along the way. Look for Island Time.

  2. We'll be looking for you. At Cocoa Village for couple of days.