Thursday, March 20, 2014

Working Our Way Down/UP the St. Johns River

 We left Jacksonville on Wednesday morning and headed down the St. Johns River to Palatka Fl. with Inch 'N' Along.  The river is fairly wide the whole way, but there was no wind and had a great ride.  We pulled in at 2:30pm at Palatka, and after getting cleaned up we all walked into town and had to go to the oldest diner in Florida called Angels.  Pretty much a hamburger place but good hamburgers.  Back at the boat we updated our blog and got caught up on some recorded TV shows.  This morning I met Mike on the dock and they decided to not go quite as far as us because they needed to head back to Jacksonville before a front was coming in this Monday and Tuesday.  The reason is there is Lake George that is about 18 miles long and if wind comes up it can get pretty rough.  They are going back home to Tennessee for a couple of weeks to visit family and friends. We are planning on continuing on to Sanford for a few days to rent a car and check out Disney World and Epcot Center in Orlando and this weekend is the Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament which friends of ours will be attending and can get me in on Saturday on the 17th hole in one of the bungalows.  Watch for me on TV.  Right now Panacea is at Astor Fl. which is a great little town on the St. John.  Tomorrow we will head for Sanford.

Just had a 1/4 pounder
Inch 'N' Along and Panacea leaving Palatka heading South on the St. Johns

Landscape of the St. Johns

Osprey nests are on about every marker
Inch 'N' Along heading under a railroad bridge

More landscape

More landscape

Just had to put a house in there
Crossing Lake George.....nooo it's not what it seems.  I like the shirt!


Saying goodbye to Mike and Lois
Panacea at Astor Bridge Marina

More shots of the marina

There is Panacea way down there

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