Friday, March 28, 2014

While in Orlando and Heading Back to Jacksonville

Bay Hill........what can I say?   This is the first time I have been to a PGA champion event.  It was like I saw it on TV, except better.  If you ever been to professional baseball, football, or any other event it's better than TV.  Congrats to Every for coming behind and winning.  Tiger Woods is a wuss.  So, while in Orlando Jan wanted to go to Disney and check it out.  We bought a two day pass even though there is five different parks here in Orlando.  First day we went to Epcot and the second day we went to "The MagicKingdom".  Let me tell you, there is nothing magic about it.  If you ever been to Disney in Anaheim, do not go to the "Magic Kingdom" in Orlando.  It's the same rides and theme as Anaheim.  One other tip, do not go during spring break.  OMG!  Since we stayed in Orlando for the Bay Hill and Disney, poor Chloe was checked into the Pet Paradise.  This place had a built in swimming pool in the shape of a dog bone, air conditioned, and lots of room to have fun.  We also paid for extra play time.  We think she had a good time but was happy to see us when we picked her up.

We started back up the St. Johns yesterday and stayed the night at Astor for our 43rd Anniversary.  This was the place we stopped when we headed down.  We went over to the restaurant and had a drink and of course you have to have some alligator bites.  We left early this morning to get ahead of the wind that is suppose to come up before we get in to Palatka.  We pulled in just as the wind was starting to pick up and after tying up got some laundry done.  Tomorrow we will head back to Ortega Landing Marina for four days before heading North.  Before I finish this I just want to say the St Johns River South of Lake George is the most beautiful river I have ever been on.  I can't say what the Amazon is like but if I had to imagine I would say it was like being on the Amazon.  The wildlife and foliage was unbelievable.

The St. Johns even has water hyacinth like the Delta

Alligator Bites.

Osprey Nest
Epcot Disney

Magic Kingdom from hell

Walt and Mickey looking down main street
Why, it's Bud Lightning

Would not leave my side

Bald Eagle

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  1. It is so much fun reading your blog. So Happy you are living your dream : )
    Michelle Ksidakis