Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ventura Harbor

Leaving Santa Barbara to Ventura was again like a giant lake.  We didn't even have to give Chloe her medication.  We are here at the Ventura Yacht Club and they couldn't have been more hospitable.  Hour after we got here our friend Susan drove over from Woodland Hills and we all went out to lunch.  David, her husband, was in Lake Tahoe and couldn't be here.  After lunch I walked back to the boat and Sue took Jan to the grocery store to restock our cupboards and frig.  We had a great time visiting with Sue and hope to see her and David sometime in San Diego.  Don't have to get up at 4:00am tomorrow morning since we are only going 72 miles.  So up at 6:00 and off at 7:00am.  See you in Long Beach.

Oil platforms just outside from Santa Barbara


Inside Ventura Harbor

Ventura Yacht Club

Sue and Jan

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