Thursday, September 12, 2013


Before leaving San Francisco we drove Panacea over to the pump out.  Leaving the pump out the port engine (left side) was making loud noises while in reverse.  We decided to head to Sausalito and have a mechanic meet us to check out what we thought was the transmission.  The trip across the bay was uneventful and we tied up at Clipper Cove, for what we thought was only a couple of days.  The mechanic came over on Tuesday morning the 3rd of Sept.   While tied to the dock we ran the boat in reverse and could not duplicate the problem.  So before we decided to pull the transmission we agreed to have a diver take a look at the runner gear (propellers, shaft, struts, etc.) to see if there was a problem.  Surprise!!!  The prop on the port side (left side) was chewed up.  So, diver Dave came the next day and removed it and said it was repairable.  He thought maybe two to three days.  That was on Wednesday the 4th.  The following Monday the 9th we got a call that the prop would take two weeks to repair or we could sell you a new one on the shelf and would take two days because they would have to re-pitch it first.  Okay two days or two weeks?  We finally got the new one installed today the 12th.  While diver Dave was installing the new prop he discovered the port (left side) rudder was not attached to anything and just spun around by hand.  It was an easy repair but I think I now know how the prop got chewed up.  Did I mention they charge $2.50 a foot here?  A DAY!

While we've been in Sausalito our friends Tony and Sally who live up the road in Novato came over and took us out to dinner to a great Italian restaurant.   We usually only get together once a year to celebrate our anniversary of the day we stopped smoking, twenty one years ago.  It was good to see them.  Our friends Debbie and Linda P. came for a couple of days.  Jan and the girls went into downtown and shopped and had lunch.  We all had a great time and will miss not seeing them as much.

Our new friend Erika D., who works within walking distance from us and recently married Patrick (son of our long time close friends) invited us to the St. Francis Yacht Club.  Her mom and dad have been long time members.  She picked us up and drove us to have lunch and give us a tour.  All I can say is WOW!  How historic and just a beautiful club.  We also need to thank her dad and mom, Charlie and Margo for allowing us the opportunity to have such a wonderful afternoon.   THANKS.  After we returned to Sausalito Erika showed us where she works, which is a non profit called, "The Call of the Sea".  They charter out an 80 foot sailboat.  Google it!

Over the weekend our son Michael, Jessica, Carter, and Dylan came to visit and Mike and Jess went to the 49er's game on Sunday.  Sorry all you Green Bay fans.  We all went to Scoma's in Sausalito Saturday night to celebrate my birthday.  This was the first time I've been to this Scoma's.  I think the one in S.F. is better, for sure.  Mean while here in Sausalito Jan and I try to keep busy.  Yesterday we got all the isinglass washed  and put up on the boat, we walked to CVS, the grocery store and West Marine.  Chloe continues to hang in there looking forward to her daily walks, but not so much in the rough waters.  Being here on an end tie we get the swells from the bay and she doesn't like the motion of the boat going back and forth. After over a week here we think she's starting to get her sea paws.

Forecast for the sea conditions not looking too good.  Going to go over to Alameda and wait.

Pic from Panacea looking towards S.F.


Grandson Carter (49er fan)

Me with son Mike

Grammie Jan and Carter

Jan and Erika at the St. Francis Yacht Club

Jess, Carter, Mike at Scoma's.  Where's Dylan?

There's Dylan and Carter

Carter and Chloe

Living high at the St. Francis Yacht Club

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  1. Great write up....we will enjoy following your blog. Miss you guys!