Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Alameda, CA

For economic purposes we finally left Sausalito after the boat was repaired and headed out early on Friday the 13th (oh oh) for Alameda.  We always try to pick a marina that has close walking amenities like a grocery store and restaurants.   We stayed at the Marina Village Yacht Harbor.  We were tied up in the back at this one boat  guest dock next to the gate with the restrooms and laundry room. We walked over to the grocery store and stocked up on some adult beverages and easy to prepare microwavable food for our 100 mile journey to Monterey.  The adult beverages were for when we arrived.  We were a short walk from the Oakland Yacht Club and the Encinal Yacht Club.  Being members of the Tower Park Yacht Club we took full advantage of their club house.  Late Saturday our son Michael, Jess, Carter, and Dylan stopped by after visiting Jess's Aunt and Grandmother in Hayward.  We all walked over to the Encinal Yacht Club for dinner.  I'm not use to going to yacht clubs that have a full lunch and dinner menu.  The food was great.  After dinner everyone left to go home, and Jan and I went to bed early knowing we have to get up at 4:00am Sunday the 15th to get ready to head to Monterey.  I didn't get much sleep thinking about the next day.

Panacea at her own guest dock

Looking from Panacea thru the marina to downtown Oakland

Mike and Jess

Captain and Admiral

Dinner at the Encinal Yacht Club

Final goodbye before we head out South

Getting ready to go under the Golden Gate and turn left.

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