Sunday, September 29, 2013

Santa Barbara

Finally left Morro Bay Saturday at 5:00am.  When you leave the harbor you are heading West and the swells come at the side of the boat making it a little rocky until you get up around the point at Port San Luis.  Then we had following seas and a pretty good ride.  At Point Conception it was a beautiful day with about 5 to 7 foot swells but no wind.  Once around Point Conception it was like a lake all the way to Santa Barbara.  We pulled in about 4:15pm and headed to the fuel dock for a couple hundred gallons of diesel, while Jan checked in with the harbor master.  Apparently this was there busiest weekend and the only thing until the next day was an end tie that was about a 1/2 mile walk to take Chloe to perform her duty. We had to vacate before noon with no promise they could accommodate us another day.  Rather than take our chances we called the Ventura Yacht Club and they had a dock we could stay for the night until we go to Long Beach.  Only twenty miles and a couple of hours in the lake we headed out at 10:30am and were tied up by 12:30pm. 

Point Conception they way you want to see it from a boat on a good day.

We had these hitch hikers on the way.

It was cute at the time but everyone knows what they leave behind.

Princess cruise ship at Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara Harbor


  1. I'm pretty sure we are on that 1/2 mile walk to the main dock right now! :) Glad to see you all are making good progress south. Hope you are hunkering down over the next few days with the Santa Ana's coming in.