Thursday, September 26, 2013

Morro Bay Continued

Still here at the Morro Bay Yacht Club with a total of five other boats.  The dock is full and everyone is waiting for that weather window.  Three of the five are headed North and one sailboat and us are going South.  The sail boat side tied to us is a 32 foot that is being single handed by the owner.  His name is Richard and lives in Berkeley, CA.  He took the boat down to Santa Barbara by himself while his wife flew in and met him.  They sailed the Channel Islands for a week and then she flew back.  Like him, we have only got this far in two weeks because of the weather.  Yesterday the wind blew like crazy.  We clocked gusts to 40 miles per hour.  The wind waves here in the bay were breaking over the guest dock.  These are reasons not to go in the ocean.  Saturday for us looks like a great time to go around Point Conception and head to Santa Barbara.  I think the sailboats are leaving tomorrow morning to go North.

We take Chloe to the park everyday and let her run.  She really enjoys to chase her ball.  Jan got a great deal for a massage yesterday and now she's at the nail place getting a pedicure.  I washed the boat, what's wrong with that picture?  One good thing is Morro Bay has a lot of restaurants so we eat out at least once a day whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Hard to tell, but rough in the bay

Front two boats tied together

Boats tied together behind us

Sailboat next to us

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  1. It was fun hiding out of the storm in Morro Bay with you. Best wishes on your grand adventure!

    ~Erika, Keith, Mason, Loren & Elliot
    SV Steadfast