Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year from New Orleans

It's New Years Eve and we are still at the Ponthatrain Landing RV and Marina.  We took the shuttle a couple of times to the French Quarter and even though we were there six hours at a time it seemed to have flown by.  Many of the buildings were built at the time of Spanish rule and are from the 1700's with a lot of history.  One of our first stops was to get a beignet at Cafe Du Monde established in 1862.  Well worth the 45 minute wait in line.  We also had lunch in a building that was built in 1755 that Lafayette would gather his men to plan an escape route.  If only those walls could talk.  Lots of history sometimes overlooked by what we always hear about which is Mardi Gras.  We took the ever present carriage ride with a mule driven carriage.  Our guide was the self proclaimed black Elvis.  The mules name was Beauty.  Of coarse you can't go to New Orleans without having a Hurricane at Pat O'brien's.  Apparently back in the 1940's, because of the war, sugar was in short supply so large imports of rum from the Caribbean would come in and they would have to buy 50 cases of rum to get one case of whiskey.  Pat O'brien's came up with a concoction called the Hurricane to get rid of the rum.

Here at the RV park the sites are full and the overflow flow is going quickly.  Most of the RV's have a Alabama or Oklahoma flag flying because the Sugar Bowl is on Friday at the Super dome.  I think many of them are going to the game or heading to the French Quarter for the New Years Eve party.  We bundled up today and rode our bikes to the grocery store to stock up before we leave.  We were going to leave on Thursday but the weather looks bad so we probably will leave on Friday.  We can't wait to move on and see what else we have to experience.  Jan and I would like to take this time for everyone reading our blog a prosperous, healthy, and wonderful new year.  Happy New Year!

Standing in line for our beignets
French Quarter

St. Louis Cathedral Jackson Square

Now called Jackson Square

Guess who?  Andrew Jackson, of coarse.
Home of the Hurricane
Pour me something tall and strong, make it a hurricane before I go insane.
Look, it's Pat himself.
Oh Oh!

Many of the street entertainment

Too many hurricanes

Riverboat Natchez on the Mississippi

Must be a Southern thing.

Beauty and the black Elvis

Check out the alligator heads

Geico on steroids
Good bye New Orleans

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