Saturday, December 14, 2013


Finally untied the lines and started our trip on the Great Loop.  We left Seabrook and are now in Galveston.  We thought we'd make a small step, only 20 miles, to get back in our routine and have a shorter distance to cover tomorrow.  One thing I really have to pay attention to is all the barge and ship traffic.  Don't ask me why they call a boat pushing a bunch of barges a tow rather than a tug.  The large ship traffic on the West Coast is nothing compared to here.  Tomorrow we will be leaving early for Port Arthur and if all goes well we hope to be in New Orleans on December 23rd. and spend Christmas there.  We were suppose to leave yesterday, but as we were getting ready I noticed the high water bilge pump light was on and found that we had a leak in a broken fitting for the fresh water system in the engine room.  Neither bilge pump was working due to corroded wires and one pump was not working at all. The water in the bilge covered both pumps! Since we turned our leased car in the day before it was a challenge to get the parts I needed.  Thanks to BM Boat Works for the ride to the hardware store and West Marine.  Last night we also met some new folks that live close to Seabrook and invited us to go to dinner with them.  Jack found us by responding to the forum comments I made through the AGLCA (Americas Great Loop Cruisers Assoc.)  Their friends, Ross and Barb, were there from Michigan and they all plan on doing the loop in 2014.  Thanks Jack, Patty, Ross, and Barb, hope to see you along the way.  So here we are in Galveston at the Galveston Yacht Basin moored at a fixed dock.  For all you boaters in California, they don't float in the water like we're used to, but are fingers out from the main dock attached to telephone poles.  They're only about 20 feet long so you have to stern in to get off and on your boat.  Tomorrow Port Arthur, Texas.

Tow or Tug?
Entrance to Galveston
Fixed dock

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