Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mackinac Island to Charlevoix Michigan

Okay, regarding my last post I was told to add that I had switched fuel tanks because I noticed the boat was listing to port which usually means there is more fuel in on side than the other.  I should have accounted for the wind which was blowing into our starboard side which made me think I was listing because of fuel.  Anyway I screwed up.  Oh well, it won't happen again.  We left Mackinac Island on the 17th and headed for Charlevoix, one of Jan's bucket list items.  Charlevoix is the home to a renowned artist by the name of Todd Warner.  If you ever been to our house you would know of the art sculptures of the whimsical artwork thoughout our house.  We also have brought some pieces with us including the first one we bought call "Blueberry".  Blueberry is a giraffe that has a bird sitting on the top of his mouth.  When we moved onto the boat somehow the small bird didn't make it and Jan has been determined ever since to have him replaced.  Since she has been in contact with him throughout our trip he said he would make a new bird for her Blueberry.  When we arrived on Sunday he met us on the boat and we developed a friendship that I'm sure will last.  We all went out to dinner that night and met for breakfast in the morning.  He helped make arrangements for Chloe to get groomed and introduced us to a good friend, Justin, that is working with him to develop a website and promote his work.  On Tuesday he picked us up and drove us to get Chloe groomed and invited us to his home and studio in the Michigan country.  His house is on twenty acres in an absolutely beautiful setting.  While we were talking in his studio he was making one of his creations from clay like it was nothing!  He showed us his house and took us wherever we had to go for errands.  If you read this, go to Facebook and search Todd J Warner and become friends.  Here's a fact, if you have ever watched the movie "Up" the bird called "Kevin" is actually one of his creations that he never got recognition.  Thank you Todd for everything and hope to see you again soon.  We were going to leave this morning but decided to speed and extra day.  We also found out our boating looper companions for such a long time "Limelight" came in and we had docktails last night.  Tomorrow off to Frankfort.

Coming thru the draw bridge to Lake Charlevoix

The City Marina

Todd Warner
Creative genius at work
This is his pet Emu named Al
Thank you Todd for taking me to the groomers 

Bluebird back to normal with his bird on top
I love you Todd
Earl Young Mushroom Houses in Charlevoix

This is a boulder house not by Earl Young

Jan's new captain
Our new friend, thanks again for everything


  1. We are so happy you had the opportunity to meet Todd.....what a great story! Kelly and June

  2. way cool !!!! Lar confession is good for the soul, but the whining hurts the ears !!! Big David