Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Little Current to the Good Ole USA

There is a weather front coming in for the next three to four days with rough water in the North Channel so we decided to leave bright and early and make a one hundred mile run for the border.  The customs dock is on Drummond Island Michigan.  We had good water conditions through the whole North Channel and arrived at the customs dock around 5:30pm,  checked in and pumped out.  We then went another hour to DeTour Michigan and met up with our looper friends on Average Looper and Navigator.  Mark and Jane on Average Looper made pizza's for everyone and Tom and Jan on Navigator made a special drink called Dirty Pirates.  We were glad to be back in the USA after almost two months in Canada.    Because of that weather front we all stayed in DeTour for a couple of days.  Next day our looper friends made us a steak dinner to celebrate being back together again, if only for a short while.  We are going to Mackinac Island and they are going to St. Ignace.  Here is a fun fact for you, while we were watching the water go bye we added up our nautical miles to see how far we have traveled since we left San Francisco and the statue miles is 4995.5 miles.  Yikes!  We also left our home port of Lodi a year ago.  Yikes!  Yes, we're still married and having fun.

Glad to be back in the USA
Here's Jan from Navigator
Here's Jane from Average Looper
Celebrating back together 
Navigator in the fore front and Average Looper in the back 
Great Lake ship 

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