Saturday, November 8, 2014

Heading South on the Tombigbee

On Thursday, 10/30/14 we left Aqua Marina in Iuka, MS and entered the Tenn-Tom River. A large portion of the Tenn-Tom is man made and and was completed in 1985 and flows from the Tennessee River to Mobile, Alabama.  The journey down the Tenn-Tom-Tom is 450 miles and has 11 locks.  Our first stop was Midway Marina in Fulton, MS traveling 56 miles and going through three locks. Because of a late start due to heavy fog and a delay in the 3rd lock for Tow traffic, we did not arrive in Fulton until 6 pm.  

The next day we were delayed by fog again and had another late start.  We went 36 miles and through 3 locks to Aberdeen Marina in Aberdeen, MS.  A cold front came through and it was extremely windy when we docked at the marina.  We somehow ended up with a unplanned Halloween party on our boat.  That night the temperature got below freezing. 

On Saturday, 11/1, we left for Columbus Marina in Columbus, MS.  It was a short run - only 23 miles but very windy and cold.  We decided to bundle up and stay two nights to wait for it to warm up.

Leaving Aqua Yacht Harbor to head down the Tombigbee
The ditch

Columbus Alabama
Columbus Marina
Saw this telephone booth sitting on the shore
Scenes along the way to Demopolis

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