Thursday, July 31, 2014

Peterborough to Buckhorn

On Monday, 7/28/14 the generator parts and Jan's medications arrived and all was good.  Wait!  Murphy's Law, kicks in and the belt for the generator is the wrong size and after battling the boat with the blood of my thin skin arms I give up and decide to call the Cummins people to find out what part I need.  The part number in my manual is what I ordered, but the real part is two inches larger in diameter.  I call ahead to Buckhorn Marina and had the new part ordered so when we get there, in a couple of days, it will be there.  We left Peterborough around 9:00 am and had to wait at the first lock for about an hour.  We finally arrived in Lakefield around 2:00 pm Tuesday after going thru seven locks including the world famous Peterborough Lift Lock.  The Peterborough lift lock was completed in 1904 and was the first lock utilizing concrete, not to mention the concept of rising and lower boats in a tub of water.  Continuing through to Buckhorn we went by these really cool rock droppings with houses on them.  We also passed a church where you have to have a boat to get there.  It was really cool.  We arrived at the Buckhorn Marina around 3:00 pm on Wednesday and were assigned a shed to stay under.  My belt did arrive today and after more bleeding I finally had it installed.  We also had some minor canvass work done and are now ready to continue our adventure on the Great Loop.  Next stop is Fenelon Falls, Ontario.

World famous Peterborough lift lock, the highest one in the world at 65 fee

Built in 1904

Here we are with Limelight coming in

That's Next Dance in the Krogen on the right

We reached the top

These are the top of trees when we look out

Stuff Store in Lakefield

Lakefield Marina

Panacea in Lakefield

Stone Lake with houses built on these granite outcroppings 

This is a church on one of the islands only accessible by boat

They say these granite outcroppings are bright pink when wet

Just another once of a life time on the loop

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