Saturday, June 14, 2014

Staten Island, NY

We left Manasquan at 7:30 am and headed out into the Atlantic Ocean.  It was a sunny day with little wind and the swells were between 3 and 5 feet, but with a great interval.  We kept the boat on plane and made it into Great Kills Harbor in Stanton Island in 3 hours.  We stayed at the Great Kills Yacht Club.  I think we had a total of seven looper boats come in and they found a place for all of us.  John is a member there and I recognized him from last year when Jan and I flew into Norfolk to attend our first rendezvous.  He was one of the guest speakers and now is a harbor host at Great Kills Yacht Club.  He made sure everyone was happy and even took some of the wives to the grocery store and then picked them up when they had finished.  He also gave us a briefing of the best way to get into NY City and what to expect heading up the Hudson to the Erie Canal.  We all decided to go out to dinner that night and invited John and his wife.  With all the work he did for us we all paid for their dinner.  The next day he took two car loads of loopers to the train station to get to the city.  Jan and I left that morning for New York City in Panacea because our son Michael, Jess, Carter, and Dylan were flying in to visit us for the week.  We stayed at Liberty Landing directly across the Hudson from Manhattan.  What a great view of the new World Trade Center from our boat.

The shore of New Jersey
Sandy Hook 

This whole area was destroyed by Sandy, all the boats in every marina in the harbor  ended up on land

Yacht Club
Cool building on our walk to the restaurant

Looper dinner
Great Kills Harbor

Our harbor host John

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  1. Glad you guys are having a great time and that your family got to come stay.....keep enjoy the journey! Kelly and June