Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bon Voyage Parties

We were lucky enough to have 2 Bon Voyage Parties!  One was hosted by our dear friends, Pat and Linda Dwyer, along with the help of Mike and Melissa Anderson.  Family and friends attended this pirate themed event and enjoyed delicious food with a "hurricane" drink to enjoy. 
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Pat and Christopher

Jennifer and my Looper

Erika and Mellisa


Pat and Linda


Ashley, Tiffany, and Gary

Steve and Carol

Phil and Linda with Pat

It's the Kozicki Family.  Jason, Kelly, Madison and Jaxon

Mike, Jess, Carter, and Dylan



Dale and Joanne

Newly weds Erika and Patrick

Watch out for these two

Evelyn and Dan with Chloe

Susan and Bob

Pirate girl

Our second party was held by friends at our dock in Tower Park.  Quite unexpected but wonderful.

Looper Jan and Julie

Shooting the bull

A toast

Thanks Debbie, Richard, JJ, Julie and Steve, Charlie and Donna, Cindy and Al

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