Monday, October 15, 2012

Thanks for the response of our first blog about our bucket list.  I thought I would try to give more information on how this is all going to work.   The goal is for next summer to rent our house and move on board Panacea.  We will probably have to take the boat down to Southern California by the end of summer to ship the boat, by truck, to Texas.  From Texas we would work our way to Florida and start going up the inter coastal waterway starting the Great Loop Cruise around March of 2014.  The plan is to stop everyday at either a marina or anchor for the night.  Should be in New York by June and then on to the Great Lakes.  There's a lot of history along the East coast and lots to see.  Friends and family are always welcome to join along the way, and yes, for our friends in Chicago, you're on the itinerary.  Right now we are enjoying our time in the California Delta and counting the days.

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